Family Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts

Martial Arts with Chris Millner

Martial Arts and fun with Chris Millner in a family-inclusive atmosphere.

Children will develop flexibility, coordination, balance, and control using Kung Fu workouts and traditional ‘forms’ of self-defense. The forms increase in length and difficulty depending on the individual student’s progress. Students warm up together, later breaking into groups according to their level. All students will compete in tournaments where they learn to apply the martial art skills they’ve acquired. Family members are encouraged (but not required) to participate in this class.


Ages 7-12

Fees $119/$108

Sessions M, W, F, S 4:30-5:30PM

Location Carrillo Recreation Center

Info (805) 897-2519

Location Information


Carrillo Recreation Center

100 East Carrillo Street
Santa Barbara CA 93101